How To Save Your Travel Videos On A DVD? – A Small Guide

  • Vivian Guinn
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  • 07/27/2017
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    Traveling around the country or the world is an amazing opportunity to visit beautiful and exciting places, meet new people and learn more about unique cultures. However, since none of us can hardly remember all the details of our travels, we usually turn to modern technology to make our own travel videos, so that we can watch our adventures 5, 10, or 20 years from now. Additionally, we also want to share our traveling experiences with our friends and family, which is made possible with the help of modern cameras, phones, and DVD players.

    However, while almost all of us know how to use our cameras or phones to make our videos, some of us are not quite sure as to how to convert them into a proper DVD format. If you are one of those who doesn’t know either, keep reading this article and saving your travel videos on a DVD will no longer be a problem. You can also read the article at

    Free or paid programs

    hjdhjd74These days, there are a plethora of free programs which can be used to convert digital camera videos to DVD, with only a few clicks. These programs are designed to perform all the important transcoding operations necessary to convert a variety of digital video formats in a unique DVD format.

    The majority of these programs are quite simple to use. If you are not quite sure as to how to use them, you should let a program do the entire work for you. Some of these programs are completely free, while other will charge a small fee. If you are more computer-savvy, you should go with the free ones since they are a bit more complicated to use. On the other hand, if you don’t have too much experience, you should go with the paid ones, as they are much simpler to use.

    In general, most of these programs function in the same way.

    1. For starters, make sure your video files are present on your computer. Next up, insert a DVD into your computer, and continue by simply dragging the files you want to convert and save.

    2. Once you’ve done that, you will be asked if you want to customize the resize method and the output aspect. By clicking on the “Resize” button, you will typically see three different methods. These will include:

    • Pan and Scan: you can use this to crop the frame in order to fit the output aspect ratio.
    • Letterbox – by choosing this option, you will add black stripes to your videos
    • Full Screen – This option will compress and stretch the frame so as to fit the output ratio.

    3. Finally, before you save you video files, you can also choose to customize the background of your DVD menu by selecting one of many given options.

    A somewhat lower quality

    jdjd74Even though these programs are fairly simple to use for saving videos to DVD, your videos will most likely lose a bit of their quality during the process. Keep in mind that video conversion and manipulation requires plenty of processing power and tweaking. If you are willing to do this tweaking, you can opt for some more experimental programs, the ones which use open-source video codes, in order to convert almost any kind of video format into any other. However, in the end, remember that your travel videos do not have to be of the highest quality. Instead, they need to serve as a memento of your exciting adventures and experiences.…