Various Activities To Do While In Chiang Mai

  • Vivian Guinn
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  • 05/15/2017
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    It has been noted that majority of the visitors to Chiang Mai usually extend their stay. If the activities were not fun, a lot and fairly charged, then this would have been opposite. For those who are interested in learning more about this place, a visit to Chiang Mai One Stop website is a better start. Other informative websites are also available. Well, for the purpose of this article we are going to review some of the best activities that can keep one glued for Chiang Mai with a charm.

    Various Activities To Do While In Chiang Mai

    The Mountain Biking

    One best thing about cycling in Chiang Mai is the ease of access for bikes and guide. If you are as a group or family, the activity will even be more fun. The modern bikes are the simple bikes that notably come with a from basket for your light luggage like water. This basket is a tradition in this beautiful place. For the biking addicts, the best option to take is a mountain bike which will enable the cycling adventure to involve rocky and more adventurers paths as guided by the handbook.


    Riding on an elephant

    There is no fun in Chiang Mai greater than this. Any visit can’t be complete without riding the giant mammal. However, elephant camps are not obviously all over and therefore, the best thing to do is make an arrangement with the local tour guides or the receptionist in your hotel. The rides are relatively cheap, and the elephants are human-friendly with very gently rides. Some elephants are trained to entertain kids by kicking balls and beating drums. With this, be rest assured your children will have unforgettable fun.

    The site seeing adventure and shopping

    It can be easy to take a city tour of this beautiful town without any help. It is an attractive city for tourists who flock to enjoy the great fun. While doing the site seeing one can combine that with shopping. Some of the best items one can shop are the culture rich Thai handicrafts for souvenirs. This town tour can be made more adventures by taking a walk to the nearby mountains for greater fantastic views.


    Foods and drinks

    Failing to sample the food in Chiang Mai is like missing the primary purpose of the travel. The riverside restaurants and bars are popular, and they sample great Thai delicacies at very fair prices. They also offer romantic themes the restaurants are many, and a simple Thai restaurant guide magazine can be of great help.…