How To Make Sure You And Your Kids Have A Fun Road Trip

  • Vivian Guinn
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  • 07/28/2016
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    .As with anything, preparation is key. This is especially true with kids. When you are traveling with kids, many different situations could occur, and you need to be prepared for them for your sake and your children.A few days before your road trip, talk to your kids about where are you going and how you will be getting there. Be sure to talk about your expectations of them and how you want them to behave. Listen to what they have to say as well.

    Ways to bring back fun

    Music or movie

    One simple thing to do is to keep the children from becoming bored too quickly is to distract them with a movie or music. If you can, have at least one portable DVD player or music player. Another good item is a handheld gaming device. Ideally, you will want one piece of equipment for each child.

    Snacks and fruits

    r5etfgsdshbHaving to stop often because the children are hungry and thirsty can provide unnecessary delays on your journey. Be sure to bring enough healthy snacks such as fruits, trail mix. Don’t forget to bring water or juice as well.

    Fun games

    Another way to keep the kids distracted is to have a handful of fun games that everyone can play while on the road. Games such as guessing what people are looking at, looking for cars from other states, and naming or alphabet games are fun and can last for a long time.

    Take breaks

    During the planning stages of your trip, be sure to schedule time for multiple bathroom breaks along the way. Bathroom breaks serve two purposes. The first is obvious, to use the bathroom. The second is that the kids will have an opportunity to stretch their legs and to run around. Most times, if you give regular updates on when you will be arriving at your destination, it will alleviate the “are we there yet?” questions that pop up every few minutes.
    4ertwefghIf you’ve run out of games to play and the children are bored with other entertainment options, you can always revert to the old fashioned method of entertainment: conversation. Talk about topics such as where you are going, what you are going to do there, what kind of meals you will be eating, and if applicable, how much fun it will be.